Q: How often statistics are updated?
The statistics are updated every 5 minutes.
Q: What payment options do you offer?
We offer the following payment methods: Paxum, Paypal, WebMoney, and wire transfer.
Q:When will I receive my payment?
All payments are processed upon request and usually take 1-2 business days to complete.
Q:What types of sites are accepted to the RoyalAds Network?
We only accept legal sites with legal content.
Q:How long will it take to approve my campaigns?
It takes anywhere from 1 to 24 hours for campaign approval. Please contact support to speed up the process.
Q:Why my traffic volumes are so low? Could it be because of bid?
First you should check your position in bids queue. Please go to list of campaigns and click on current bid. If there are many higher bids you will get more traffic by increasing you bid
Q:Why I cannot delete my campaigns?
Campaign can be deleted in statuses: COMPLETED, PAUSED, PENDING and BLOCKED. If your campaign is in SUSPENDED status it means that there are some issues with your url. You should contact support and try to fix all problems.
Q:Could you give me volumes for specific type of traffic?
When you are adding your campaign there is a button "IMPRESSION BY SELECTION". Click it and you'll get estimated traffic volume for selected targetings.
Q:What is your top geos?
Here you can get overall mobile and desktop traffic by country in our system.
Q:I would like to know price for specific type of traffic?
The minimum price for 1000 hits is $0.45. All used targetings will increase price.
Q:What is your top and average publishers CPM
Here you can get TOP and Average CPM. It crucially depends on countries and type of traffic.
Q:Could you make a payment with my comment?
Yes we can do payment with your specific comment to some payment systems, but you should contact support before requesting.
Q:Can I add funds via WebMoney?
Yes, please contact support in this case.
Q:I get my URL/Campaign suspended
There are few possible reasons you url get suspended. You should contact support to get actual reason and you will be able to fix this issues.


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